Where Is Alex Jones Now? He Owes the Families of Sandy Hook Victims Over $1 Billion

Alex Jones is on the 'InfoWars' website still screaming about whatever he wants, whenever he wants to.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Apr. 3 2024, Published 10:04 p.m. ET

InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks to the media outside Waterbury Superior Court during his trial on Sept. 21, 2022
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Alex Jones

Most people know Alex Jones is the king of conspiracy theories, which is saying a lot considering how saturated that particular market is. And while many think the overwhelming interest in actual fake news is recent, for Jones it's a lifelong pursuit. According to The New York Times, he read Gary Allen's "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" in 1971 and was forever changed by it. Allen claimed that a "cabal of global bankers and power brokers, not elected officials, controlled American policy," which Jones has since echoed.

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Some conspiracy theories are more dangerous than others. Jones himself has been the puppeteer behind many dangerous suggestions such as his claim that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School never happened and furthermore, the parents of the victims were participating in a massive hoax. They later sued him for defamation and were awarded over $1 billion. Did that stop Jones from spreading misinformation? Here's what he's up to now.

What is Alex Jones doing now? Somehow he still has a platform.

In 2018, Jones was banned from Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Twitter, and Spotify because his salacious content promoted and advocated for violence against certain groups, per Vox. In a perfect world, everyone would have remained steadfast when it came to deplatforming the oft-incorrect host but in December 2023, Elon Musk reinstated his Twitter account. This came a little over a year after a judge demanded he compensate the families of Sandy Hook victims.

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Alex Jones speaks to protestors gathered outside the Texas State Capitol during a rally calling for the reopening of Austin and Texas on April 25, 2020
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Despite not having access to the world's most popular streaming platforms, Jones took his schtick to the InfoWars website where he currently streams The Alex Jones Show weekdays at 8:00 a.m. CST. Mark your calendars if you're into spittle, red faces, and of course zero truth. While you're watching, feel free to pop over to the InfoWars store to pick up some questionable supplements, a water filtration system, or an ill-fitting t-shirt. If you're wondering where Jones gets his energy, it's probably from his WAKE UP AMERICA! coffee.

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At this point you might be in a giving mood because you're belly deep in Survival Shield X-2 - Nascent Iodine. Donating to InfoWars is easy! Just head back to the InfoWars main website and click on the B in the lower right-hand corner. You'll be asked to "help keep InfoWars on the air" by sponsoring them with cryptocurrency. What in the Tales from The Crypto is this nonsense? Enter at your own risk.

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Alex Jones denies spreading lies about Sandy Hook.

Despite apologizing to the families of the victims during his defamation trial, Jones spoke to former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in October 2023 and pushed the responsibility onto nameless sources who alleged the shooting didn't happen. "I cover stories and then I move on," he said to Ramaswamy. During the trial the prosecutors cut together a decade's worth of Jones's videos where he's saying Sandy Hook didn't happen.

While speaking with Ramaswamy, Jones said what he was doing was debating an issue and lamented the fact that people can't seem to do that anymore. He mentioned admitting the shooting did happen and questioned why he was sued six years later. What he fails to understand is whether or not he actually said that, the damage to the families had been done and that was why he was sued.

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