Alton Brown and His Wife Elizabeth Are #CoupleGoals

Fans of Alton Brown want to learn more about his second wife, Elizabeth Ingram. The adorable couple got married in 2018, but who exactly is she?


Jan. 13 2021, Updated 6:13 p.m. ET

alton brown wife
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After 21 years of marriage to ex-wife DeAnna Brown, Good Eats star and celebrated chef Alton Brown is now celebrating five years together with his new lady.

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Alton met interior designer Elizabeth Ingram in 2016, a year after his split from DeAnna, and married her in 2018. The couple is happily in love, and these days, co-host Alton's informal YouTube Live series, "Quarantine Quitchen," or "QQ."

So, who is Alton Brown's wife? Keep reading for what you need to know about Elizabeth.

alton brown wife
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Who is Alton Brown's wife?

Alton initially met Elizabeth back in 2016, during a book signing for the chef's EveryDayCook book. According to Architectural Digest, the couple also worked together when Alton hired Elizabeth to help him renovate the three-bedroom apartment he had just recently purchased in Marietta, Ga.

"At some point, meetings turned into dates," Alton explains of how they came to be a couple during the seven-month renovation on the home that the two now share. "I'm not going to lie—and I can't put my finger on when it was—I started looking forward to seeing her more than the space."

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Elizabeth and Alton share more than their love of design — they also share a love for food and restaurants, and Alton was already something of a fan of Elizabeth's before they ever met in person. 

"As a form of congratulations on a job well done, mutual acquaintances started calling Elizabeth ... to tell her that Alton Brown liked a number of the restaurants she had designed in Atlanta," AD writes. 

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Except, "she didn't know who I was," Alton told the outlet, "so [the compliment, which was relayed to Elizabeth by mutual friends] was meaningless to her!" 

Well, it appears that that's for good reason. In the world of restaurant, bar, and residential interior design, Elizabeth is about as renowned as Alton is in the world of culinary arts. 

She's the designer behind beautiful Atlanta restaurants like Beetlecat, Marcel, Superica El Tigre, and Golden Eagle, and in 2017, even released her own line of furniture that boasts elegant stools, chairs, and sofas.

Following their meeting at Alton's book signing, he hired her services first for his office, then for his Marietta apartment.

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As their professional collaboration eventually led to romance, Alton and Elizabeth are now each other's biggest fans. "Elizabeth is a very good listener, and she learned a lot about me," he said about both their working and personal relationship. "She never goes into a place and does her own thing; it's always mission-oriented. She brings her sensibility—whether it's a restaurant or a residence—and she really tries to make it about the person occupying the space. Her taste was never really mentioned. It's more about her trying to align it with what my taste is." 

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In her own words, Elizabeth explains, "With a restaurant, it's more me trying to tell the story of what it is, or weave a tale of what the story of a space is. Residences are a little more difficult because people will say, 'I want it to be serene or comfortable or pretty or relaxed.' So I will ask questions like, 'What do you like to collect?' or 'Where have you traveled?' or 'What are your interests?' Because obviously, if it's their house, they need it to be their house. It doesn't need to be another Elizabeth Ingram house."

They currently live in the gorgeous apartment that Elizabeth designed with their dogs Scabigail and Francis. "Living with someone who's a creative changes things because it changes the nature of what you can share and what you can expect people to understand," Alton told People a year into their marriage. "I think having somebody you can talk to, which I haven't always had in my life, is a big deal."

These days, you can see more of Alton and Elizabeth's apartment, kitchen, and love in "Quarantine Quitchen," which is available to stream after it's broadcast live on YouTube.

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