Woman Discovers Her Amazon Alexa Has Been Hacked and She Might Have a Stalker

Alexa, please play 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police. What happens when an Amazon Alexa is a conduit for a possible stalker? Read on.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 6 2023, Published 11:05 a.m. ET

If we've learned anything from the Terminator franchise, it's that not only can the machines not be trusted, but when they become self-aware, they will rise up against us. And honestly, can we blame them? It feels like humans have been fumbling the ball for quite some time now. Maybe we do need to hand things over to our machine overlords. At least it would be consensual.

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What's not consensual, though, is hacking someone's Amazon Alexa in order to do all sorts of suspect things. A woman who we believe is named Lauren, but goes by @couponingwithcraylolo on TikTok, dropped a series of terrifying videos about a possible stalker breaking into her Alexa. This story has everything: voice recordings, video of someone else's room, and of course, useless cops. Let's get into what happens when Alexa tries to Single White Female someone.

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Every breath you take, every move you make, Alex is watching you.

Lauren filmed her TikToks outside because she was legitimately worried about her Alexa being hacked. It all started when she heard noises coming from her bedroom. "I thought I had left my music on. I did not," said Lauren. This is where she saw another person on the screen of her Amazon Echo Show.

This image was so clear, that Lauren likened it to a Facetime call. "I was looking at someone and someone was looking at me, and that person on their end was listening to music in their bedroom." Guess it's time to toss out all of our electronics, including the old Nokia we've been holding onto just in case.

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Instead of starting a bonfire and tossing Alexa into it, Lauren quickly unplugged her device and turned the camera around so it was facing out her window. For the next hour, Lauren told Amazon Support what was going on and that she believed she was hacked. "According to the Bluetooth devices that are connected to that Alexa, it said ... Russ's bedroom." Who is Russ? Lauren also had no clue.

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It actually gets worse. Lauren took a peek at the voice history and saw that her voice had been recorded on multiple occasions in order to cobble together a full sentence using her actual voice. "You can hear them ... telling another Alexa of mine to turn my Blink Camera on, and to do other things." It's time to get someone in here to perform an exorcism. Amazon suggested leaving the Alexa plugged in so they could investigate, which is a harrowing situation.

Lauren filed a police report — but not with the band The Police, of course.

In a followup TikTok, Lauren revealed she filed a police report and was told by commenters to contact the FBI. She promised to look into it but was hoping Amazon would contact her with some news. Although she has since turned off comments on her videos regarding the Alexa hack, Lauren took the time to respond to a couple.

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Evidently at least one person was concerned that her camera facing the window would provide some sort of clue as to where Lauren lives. "Literally, outside my window is nothing but woods, so they can enjoy the critters," said Lauren. To anyone who thought the hack was actually someone "accidentally dropping in," Lauren says that's impossible as she has that featured turned off for all her electronics.

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One of the most upsetting reveals is when Lauren said her Blink Camera is behind her Alexa, which means whoever was using her voice to try and turn it on, somehow knew it was there. "That's how I know this was not an accident," explains Lauren.

When asked why she has an Alexa at all, Lauren jumped back into TikTok for a new video where she addressed this specifically. Basically, she finds it helps with her productivity. Lauren describes herself as "hyperactive" and said setting alarms for task was good for staying on track. Regarding the camera, she literally used it as an alarm clock.

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Lauren finally got an update from Amazon.

In a fourth TikTok about the Alexa hack job, Lauren provided an update from Amazon. "I was surprised by how long it took for them to reach out to me," Lauren said. "It took a few days, but also I was confused. The person on the phone said they would call me but they never did call me. They've only corresponded via email."

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Amazon didn't really have anything useful to say. At some point Lauren got a drop-in call when she wasn't home, and Amazon said it was from her roommate's mother. As Lauren stated, this doesn't explain why Russ's Bedroom is connected to her Bluetooth. "But then they tried telling me the voice recordings were me, and yes, that's my voice." Did Amazon miss the memo about Lauren not actually recording herself? Or, did they simply not care? That doesn't sound like my Amazon.

Speaking of the voice recordings, Lauren learned they suddenly disappeared from her Amazon app. "Those two recordings from the day I was talking about, are gone." In this moment, Lauren could draw from another song by The Police when responding to Amazon. "De do do do, de da da da, is all I want to say to you."

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