Nanny Stops Amazon Package Thief in Broad Daylight After Getaway Driver Abandons Them

An Amazon package thief was caught red-handed trying to nab a box from someone's porch and offered up a ridiculous excuse once they were caught.

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Oct. 30 2023, Published 8:29 a.m. ET

Nanny Stops Amazon Package Thief in Broad Daylight After Getaway Driver Abandons Them
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Amazon package theft is a massive problem: in fact, some 260 million packages are stolen each and every single year, leaving a lot of customers for the popular online retail chain to inevitably put in requests for refunds and re-shipments of the goods they've purchased online.

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It's easy to see why so many of these goods are ultimately swooped up by nefarious actors who take one look at a lonely, defenseless package and think to themselves: "easy money."

Thanks to the advent of doorbell cameras, there's actually tons of footage circling the internet showing people caught in the act of pilfering these packages, like this one uploaded to the @crazyclipsonly X account.

The video shows a porch pirate, who is coordinating with a getaway driver, to steal a box right off of someone's porch. Probably not the brightest idea because of license plates and such. Unless they stole the car just so they could get a random box that's probably filled with baby clothes or protein powder.

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Source: X | @crazyclipsonly

Although this incident is making the rounds on social media recently, as it turns out, all of this occurred in 2017. The person who caught the thief in action was actually nanny Kate Anderson, who spotted Rhieanna Schindler, a career criminal with multiple outstanding warrants, trying to make off with the box by heading into a getaway car.

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Kate was watching a 1-year-old child at the time and the homeowner joked that they would probably hire them full-time as a bouncer and bodyguard for their home.

Source: X | @PNCryptokitties
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"Hey, what the f--- are you doing?" Kate can be heard screaming in the video as the culprit tries getting into the car. However, the getaway driver peels off, ditching the thief who tumbles to the pavement.

The person screams after failing to the ground in a high-pitched tone as Kate jumps on top of them to hold them down. "I'm calling the cops," she says.

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"Let go of me," the thief pleads as Kate grabs their hoodie, they sound like a young man, which appears to be confirmed by the victim of theft who starts loudly yelling to their neighborhood: "He just stole something from my house. I'm serious."

Source: X | @JCrop02
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"Let go of me!" the thief screams again, and while their voice sounds like it could've been a young boy, later on in the video it's revealed that the thief in question is actually a woman.

"Shut up! Call the police!" the nanny yells again, at this point in the clip, a black dog can be seen running on the woman's lawn to inspect the situation.

The thief can be heard struggling with the woman as the dog approaches the scene of the altercation. "Let go of me!" the culprit screams again, even louder than before.

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The animal walks away from the scene, head tucked low, and then Kate reveals that the situation may've been more dire than a regular porch-picking smash and grab: "How did you get in the house?" she asks as the thief keeps shouting, "Let go of me!"

Source: TikTok | @ThunderDick420
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"What did you steal from the house?" she continues to interrogate her off camera before she can be seen grabbing her hand and walking her towards the house after shouting that someone should call the police again.

The nanny persists in asking the thief what she stole from the home, however, the porch pirate says that they weren't actually stealing anything from out of the house but were just on the front porch in an attempt to try and ascertain what its address was.

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Source: X | @wwwcryptocom

Numerous folks who commented on the post were shocked by the sheer number of times the woman was arrested, stating that she probably shouldn't be on the streets due to the fact that she was arrested 20 times and has such an extensive criminal background.

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