Woman Left Without Maid of Honor Dress When Alterations Business Closed Unexpectedly

What would you do if the alterations business you dropped your bridesmaid dress off at unexpectedly closed down? That's what happened to this woman.

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 26 2023, Published 7:52 p.m. ET

On their own, weddings are incredibly stressful. Even when it's not your wedding, being part of a wedding party usually involves some intense planning and coordination to prevent the day from going off without a hitch — but sometimes, the universe continues to throw a wrench in even the best-laid plans.

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That's what happened to Emily Slyter (@emcarptoo), who shared a horrifying story on TikTok about her Maid of Honor dress going missing after the tailor she dropped the dress off at seemingly disappeared a week before the wedding.

Emily opens the TikTok sitting in her car looking anxious. She was supposed to pick up her dress for her sister's wedding that day.

"I went to go pick up my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding from the alterations and look what I found," she told the camera before turning around to show a boarded-up storefront. There is no sign on the window indicating what happened, nor is there even a shop name displayed to suggest there was recently a business there.

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"I don't know if there was a fire, I don't know if there was a robbery — maybe a fire based on the state of this door," Emily continues, pointing out how the front door is bowed out and warped.

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"This was all storefront with dresses," she says, gesturing to the now-empty shop window. "Of course, the number won't go through, like what the heck? This is a nightmare."

This means that Emily is now without a dress for her sister's wedding, and she has to scramble to find something new. But because of the community around TikTok, the comments are filled with others asking for specific sizes, colors, and styles to see if they can help her find a dress in time.

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"OK, so the good news is that you're [Maid of Honor], so a different dress is cute and trendy," one commenter said. "What size and color palette are you looking for?"

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Thankfully, though it seems like Emily won't be getting her original Maid of Honor dress back, she was able to get a new dress for the wedding locally just in time. She passed on the many offers in her comments from followers and other people on TikTok to ship her a dress. Emily said she was wary of putting her faith in the postal service to deliver it in time.

"I've heard from so many amazing people over the last 24 hours trying to help me with my dress debacle," she said in a follow-up TikTok, holding the bag with her new dress. "It's not identical to the one I had but it is literally so close it doesn't even matter, I just needed a sleeve, long green dress, and I got it. I am not letting that out of my sight."

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And as for the store where Emily dropped her original dress off, we still don't have answers as to what happened. Emily said there weren't any local news articles covering the fire, although she took a peek inside the shop when she was last there and assumed it was likely a fire that destroyed it.

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"I'm actually super sad because this business had been around for many years," she said. "From what I could see through the windows I could see one dress and it was definitely covered in black soot."

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Unfortunately, Emily didn't share a photo of her new dress, but her sister was apparently incredibly relaxed about the whole situation, despite how stressful it was.

"My sister is so sweet she's like I don't care what you wear just as long as you're there — she's not phased by it," she said. "Luckily we're all wearing different colors so it really doesn't matter necessarily I just have to have a specific style so I've got to find that."

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