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Source: FX

'American Horror Story' Season 9 Will Make All of Your '80s Slasher Dreams Come True


Pack your bags, we’re going to summer camp! Every year, fans wait for Ryan Murphy to announce the theme of American Horror Story for the upcoming season, and he has finally delivered. 

In a video posted to his Instagram account on April 10, Ryan captioned the teaser trailer, "AHS Season 9 is called…" before the title "AHS: 1984" is revealed.

For Season 9 of AHS, the creator of the popular FX series decided to do a period piece. Fans will be transported back to the summer of 1984, as the title states. 

In the clip, we see a young woman running through the woods being chased by a masked figure with a knife. And yes, we are totally getting some serious Jason Voorhees vibes. Similar to the cult '80s classic, Friday the 13th — featuring a hockey-mask-wearing killer terrorizing young people at a summer camp — the teaser ends with the teen being trapped in a cabin with the culprit stabbing through the door. Cue the blood-curdling scream!