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A Definitive Ranking of All 'American Horror Story' Seasons (Excluding '1984')


If you're a fan of horror, then chances are you've seen at least more than a few seasons of American Horror Story. While the current season, 1984 is giving '80s fright film fans a lot to talk about, and geek out over, it's easy to forget that the series hasn't been afraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to far-fetched and "out there" ideas. Slasher films are a collective part of our culture, heck Friday the 13th isn't the same without a Jason movie marathon.

While Scream expertly paid homage to the genre back in the '90s, it's nice to see that the show is doing it again, but in a serial format. And American Horror Story (usually) does a great job of mashing up the "greatest hits" of a particularly horrifying subject and making it into a single season and tying it together into a tidy narrative.

It's just that some seasons do it better than others. So what if you've never seen the show, but only have so much time to binge watch a few episodes here and there?