Who Plays Mr. Jingles on 'American Horror Story'? The Actor Is an 'AHS' Vet

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 20 2020, Updated 2:34 p.m. ET

Chances are you couldn't fall asleep last night, and that's most likely because you were up late, spooked by the story of Mr. Jingles from the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984

Mr. Jingles, the main villain this season, was hospitalized after murdering several campers and counselors at Camp Redwood one summer 14 years ago. Jingles escaped, however, and he's returned to the camp, in pursuit of reliving his murderous glory days.

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The actor behind the villainous trench coat and intimidating combat boots might look a little bit familiar to you, though.

And if you've been dying to know who plays Mr. Jingles on American Horror Story, it's because he's been on a number of previous AHS seasons.

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So, who plays Mr. Jingles on American Horror Story: 1984?

John Carroll Lynch is the actor behind Mr. Jingles, and if you're a seasoned American Horror Story fan, you're probably all too familiar with him. 

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According to John's IMDB page, he's appeared in three seasons of the show so far: Season 4, (Freak Show), as Twisty the Clown, Season 5, (Hotel), as serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and now, Season 9 (1984) as the ruthless Mr. Jingles.

For one reason or another, he's really, really good at playing a villain. Guess that's not such a bad thing.

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The actor has also appeared in several popular movies.

John actually has a pretty extensive resume. Per his IMDB page, he's appeared in Fargo as Norm Gunderson, in The Founder as Mac McDonald, in Gothika as Sheriff Ryan, and in Hot Pursuit as Captain Emmett. 

He also made an appearance in The Handmaid's Tale as Dan, and in The Walking Dead as Eastman. So, the name probably rings a bell if you've happened to watch any of those highly popular movies or TV shows.

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One AHS staple you won't be seeing much of this season, however, is Sarah Paulson.

While she may reportedly make a cameo appearance, Sarah won't be returning as a regular on 1984. She has a lot on her plate these days, as she's in the midst of filming FX's Mrs. America, the Netflix series, Ratchet, and the Lionsgate film, Run.

Likewise, Evan Peters also will not be making a return, as he's merely been looking to slow things down a bit. Right now, he's on the hunt for more "lighthearted roles."

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On the bright side, though, there may be an extraterrestrial element this season.

While 1984 is predominantly an '80s horror movie mash-up, some fans are predicting the idea of aliens to come into play

After extraterrestrials were thrown into Asylum, fans have been dying for more of it. Maybe Ryan Murphy will cater to the masses, and give viewers what they want. Or maybe he won't... that's for you to find out.

Whether you were up late fearing Mr. Jingles would come make a crafty necklace out of your ears, or if you simply couldn't — for the life of you — place the actor behind the demonic murderer, now you know exactly who it is. 

He's bound to haunt your dreams, and probably more seasons of AHS to come. So brace yourselves, and maybe grab some earmuffs.

Watch AHS: 1984 Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX. 

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