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Source: HBO

Is the Identity of Dorothy aka Ashley's Killer Ever Found on 'The Deuce'?


For two seasons, fans have become enraptured in the hit HBO series The Deuce. The show follows the rise of the porn industry, shifting from a crime-riddled corrupt organization to a more legitimate business. Season 3 premiered on Sept. 9, and fans met up with our favorite characters on New Year's Eve of 1984.  

The time jump showcases the gentrification that has taken place in midtown, which we all know will eventually push out the pimps and prostitutes from the neighborhood. We also witness how the invention of VHS tapes has had an effect on the porn industry, making it a more lucrative business. 

While audiences catch up with what the characters have been doing the past several years, one question that fans have still been wondering since Season 2 is who killed Ashley on The Deuce