Andrew Balcer Killed Both Their Parents and the Family Dog — Where Are They Now?

Balcer's brother said she is a remorseless monster, but she disagrees, stating that only a monster would feel otherwise.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jul. 10 2024, Published 9:06 a.m. ET

Andrew Balcer, who now goes by Andrea Balcer, told police she snapped the night she murdered her parents and their family dog.

In a recording of the 9-1-1 call Balcer made immediately after committing these crimes, she sounds almost jaunty while spelling her last name.

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She describes her mother's body as messy and then says she "stabbed the f--- out of her father." Sadly she also killed Lily, their Chihuahua. Where is Andrea Balcer now? She's behind bars, and it's going to be a while before she's out.

Where is Andrea Balcer now? Here's what we know.

In January 2023, WGME reported that Balcer was moved to the women’s section of the Maine Correctional Institute. The then 24-year-old is serving out a 40-year sentence for "two counts of intentional or knowing murder and one count of aggravated cruelty to animals."

She pleaded guilty to both in September 2018, reported Central Maine.

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 Attorney Walter McKee talks with client Andrea Balcer on Wednesday Oct. 25, 2017
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Balcer alleged in a jailhouse interview that at 3 or 4 years old, she shared her gender identity issues with her father who "quickly beat it out of her."

Years later Balcer told the interviewer that she was sexually assaulted by her mother at the age of 14. This, she claimed, happened on a weekly basis for the next two years. It was kept a secret from both her brother and father.

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What happened to Andrea Balcer's parents?

During the 9-1-1 call, Balcer was asked why she took the lives of her parents and their pet. She simply said, "I don't know anymore." Apparently the dog was killed because she was barking. Balcer goes on to say that her parents were sleeping when she woke them up.

Initially, her mother thought something was wrong so she "came and laid down in bed with me." When Balcer's mother went to hug her, that's when she began stabbing her. Her father heard screams, which is when she stabbed him as well.

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She continues to remain eerily calm and almost giddy while letting the 9-1-1 operator know that she does in fact have a gun, but won't use it on the police.

"No one else is dying tonight," she said. The operator asks again why she did it, and Balcer still doesn't know. In the jailhouse interview which took place nearly a year later, Balcer said she recalled sitting on the edge of her bed holding a knife, shaking. Her mother then hugged her and whispered, "Do you want me to make this all better?"

Balcer revealed that the sexual abuse by her mother had stopped for a while, but the hug led her to believe it might start again. That's why she, in her words, snapped. Her father was mentally abusive and wanted to "assert dominance" over Balcer. She simply couldn't take it anymore.

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Balcer sent a letter to her brother, telling him she was sorry. She said she loved him, and would change things if she could. He wrote back and called Balcer a "remorseless monster," and questioned the point of her letter.

Fortunately, Balcer says she does feel remorse. "Only a monster would not feel remorse at the kind of thing," she said while shrugging slightly.

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