The Parents of Convicted Killer Nick Godejohn Were Completely Blindsided by the Murder

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 18 2024, Published 3:43 p.m. ET

Nick Godejohn on his 15th birthday with his dad bob
Source: YouTube/Oxygen (video still)

Nick Godejohn on his 15th birthday with his father

On June 9, 2015, Nicholas Godejohn stabbed Dee Dee Blanchard in the back 17 times while she slept. In the bathroom next to Dee Dee's room, her daughter Gypsy-Rose Blanchard sat covering her ears so as not to hear the sounds of her mother screaming. Their motive was freedom from the woman who abused Gypsy-Rose her entire life. The two then escaped and went on the run with money they stole from Dee Dee's room.

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According to People, they briefly stayed at a hotel in Springfield, Mo., before boarding a bus to Big Bend, Wis., where Godejohn lived with his mother and stepfather. Six days after the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, Godejohn and Gypsy-Rose were arrested at the home of his parents. Gypsy-Rose served eight years of a ten-year sentence while Godejohn remains behind bars for life. As far as Godejohn's parents go, here's what we know.

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What happened to Nick Godejohn's parents?

After Godejohn was arrested, police spoke with his mother Stephanie Goldammer. For obvious reasons, she was shocked by what they told her including the fact that a package they recently received was the knife Godejohn used to kill Dee Dee. He had mailed it to their home in order to avoid traveling with a murder weapon. "My son has never done anything violent," she said to the female police officer interviewing her.

Goldammer went on to reveal that because Godejohn had been diagnosed with autism, they usually kept a close eye on him. She repeatedly said that Godejohn was a "good kid." His mother also said that Godejohn essentially had the mind of a teenager and that would never change. This was confirmed by a defense psychologist in court who said Godejohn had an IQ of 82.

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Godejohn's mother then said that his father, Bob Godejohn, lived in West Allis, Wis. Not much was said about Bob apart from the fact that Goldammer didn't believe Godejohn would have told his father anything about what happened. (More on Godejohn's father in a moment.) The last thing Goldammer said to the officer interrogating her was, "Tell him we love him." Unfortunately she passed away June 13, 2021. Her obituary mentions her husband as well as Godejohn.

Nick Godejohn with his dad Bobby and mom Stephanie
Source: YouTube/Oxygen (video still)

Nick Godejohn with his dad Bobby and mom Stephanie

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Nick Godejohn's stepfather was caught completely off guard as well.

At the time of Stephanie Goldammer's death in 2021, she had been married to Charles Goldammer for 13 years. When Godejohn and Gypsy-Rose were arrested at their home, Stephanie and Charles had been legally together for seven years. Charles Goldammer had known Godejohn since he was a teenager. Like Godejohn's mother, Charles Goldammer was equally as taken aback by what transpired.

"All I know is the SWAT team came this morning, took my wife and I out of here something with my stepson, supposedly he did something in Missouri, which we don't believe because he wouldn't hurt a fly," said Charles to ABC 12 on June 16, 2015. It was a week after Dee Dee Blanchard was killed. All he knew about his stepson and the strange girl with him was they both appeared to be OK.

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While being interviewed by police, Charles said they "acted like two normal people," per The U.S. Sun. Flabbergasted, he added that, "That's what's really freaky. How can you do that?" As of the time of this writing, Charles has mostly remained out of the public eye since his stepson's conviction.

Nick Godejohn's father believes that Gypsy-Rose manipulated his son.

In an interview with Oxygen's Killer Couples in 2019, Bobby Godejohn said he still "can't believe what happened" and that he had been left "dumbfounded" by the entire situation. He also said that he think Gypsy-Rose manipulated his son to commit murder.

"I believe Gypsy was just using him," he said on the show. "She may have had slight feelings for him, but once she reeled him in to her plan then she pretty much started losing interest in him, until after the deed was done, and then boom — threw him under the bus."

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"I felt compassion [for Gypsy] because of what her mother did to her, but in retrospect, she learned all those traits from her mom and turned them around and used them on my son to get out of her situation."

Bobby said the situation had made him "become more of a hermit" who "didn't want to leave the house" and "didn't want to deal with any questions."

He also became emotional while reading aloud from a birthday card his son had sent him on his last birthday, which included: "Thank you for being my father, my best friend and teacher. I'm blessed to have you as a father. It's you who taught me all these noble traits and I'm grateful for it. Love and miss you wholeheartedly."

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