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With Most People Quarantined, Animals Are Taking Over Cities



There have been lots of jokes and "fake news" about how "nature is healing" and wildlife is returning to reclaim cities during the pandemic, while most people are spending the bulk of their time inside. But there are real examples of this happening!

And it's happening all over the world! Wild animals have been spotted taking over towns and cities they normally would never enter because there are no people there to scare them away. And the photos are kind of hysterical.

Mountain goats in Wales

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Mountain goats have been roaming a quaint Welsh resort town called LLandudno since the end of March. According to Getty, they usually live on a rocky piece of land called the Great Orme, but ever since people started staying home and tourists stopped coming to the city, they've simply decided to take over.

There are several pictures of these majestic goats wandering around the streets of LLandudno, and they're so good. Who would have thought that after this whole thing subsides, you'd have to fight horned goats to get your store back?

Geese in Las Vegas

Because the streets of Las Vegas are eerily empty of partiers, drinkers, and moms who loves slots, geese have entered the city! One adorable family of geese was seen taking a lovely stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard, something they certainly couldn't do before this pandemic.

On one hand, these images and videos are cute and cool. On the other, this seems like a shot out of The Walking Dead or something, doesn't it? Cute geese family walks down the road, then fly away squawking when a zombie approaches. It's definitely apocalyptic.

Monkeys in Thailand

This video highlights a bunch of instances of animals walking through cities, but the one that really stood out to me (other than that strange-looking cat / raccoon / monkey thing in India) is more monkeys than I have ever seen wrestling in the streets in Thailand. 

There's one poor guy in an orange pickup truck trying to make his way down the road with monkeys on his roof. So crazy! 

Deer in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka, wild deer have been spotted roaming the streets. These deer have been known to mingle with people, so it stands to reason that they are out actually looking for people who will feed them. No such luck, though. 

Deer in Nara, Japan

Source: Twitter

Reporter Kurumi Mori posted this picture and others from Nara, Japan. Similarly to the situation in Sri Lanka, these deer are often fed by tourists and the local population in a park in Nara. But because there are no people around, they've ventured into the city streets on the search for food! Folks, there are so many deer in that crosswalk.

Mountain lions in Boulder, Colorado

Source: Reddit

Mountain lions have been spotted out and about in the suburban neighborhoods of Boulder, Colorado. People should definitely keep pets inside... Oh, and they should stay inside, too. 

Even though the mountain lions weren't released into suburbia on purpose, it is an effective method for keeping people inside their homes. Maybe the mountain lions are just here to help us.

Coyote in San Francisco

Source: Facebook

Someone snapped this gorgeous picture of a coyote suntanning in San Francisco with a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Honestly, this coyote looks like she's living her best life.

Wild boar in Italy

I simply cannot get over this little video of a family of wild boar trotting up the street in a town in Italy. (I believe it's Italy. That's what I gleaned from context clues from the TikTok-er's profile.) I must have watched it 20 times already. The babies are so cute. Their little legs are moving so quickly. I love them very much. 

Puma in Chile

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Oh hey, no biggie, just a frickin' puma hanging out in the streets of Santiago, Chile. Turns out the only thing keeping Pumas in the mountains are the people who are usually in the city. Without people, these big cats feel free to roam. 

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