Here's Why Only Some People Can Access the Anime AI Filter on TikTok

Many users have started posting TikToks using the anime AI filter. Sadly, not everyone has access to the filter — here's why users are having issues.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 5 2022, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

You can take your TikTok videos to a whole new level with filters. There are some really groovy filters on the app. For example, there's the out-of-body filter, which literally makes users look like they're having an out-of-body experience. Or the Belle filter, which doesn't turn you into a Disney princess, but does change up your look.

Lately, there has also a Manga-themed filter that will transform you into an anime character.

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Officially known as the AI anime filter, the new feat has been causing some issues. You see, many users claim to be finding it with ease, while others aren't able to locate this filter. We've got the reason why below.

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Here's why you may not have access to the AI anime filter.

Per tutorial videos, the AI anime filter should be located in your Effects gallery, but many users (myself included) aren't able to find it after searching for it and/or updating their app. It's a total drag.

TikTok creator Adam D (@bunz_d) summed up all of our frustrations in the video below.

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The problem seems to be that it isn't available in all regions yet, as @souleater explains in this TikTok.

That said, if you're one of the lucky ones that are able to access this very exclusive filter, you'll find that it's extremely easy to use. Once you open up the filter, hold the button for a few seconds until the filter is applied to your picture. You should see a loading sign pop up. Once it's done, you should see the new you. The best part? You can even apply the filter to an existing picture if you don’t wish to capture a new one.

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Here's another example of the filter being used. It truly is one of the most flawless anime filters we've seen to date.

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TikTok users have mixed reactions about the AI anime filter.

For the users that were able to access this filter, there were some mixed reactions about it. One user noted that their results were "very interesting," yet also "so weird."

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And as another user tweeted, "Don't believe the pic," inferring that the manga-fied version of herself actually looked nothing like her.

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As for the rest of us, I'll guess we'll just have to play the waiting game and will weigh in with out thoughts when the time comes.

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