Be Careful What You Do Because Your Neighbors' Doorbell Cameras Will Catch It and They'll Post It to TikTok

Be careful what you do in public! Thanks to a doorbell camera, a neighbor caught the woman across the hall from her cheating and posted it to TikTok.

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 29 2022, Published 11:38 p.m. ET

There you are, minding your own business, probably watching a Hallmark holiday movie, when your doorbell camera sends you a notification. Thinking it's probably that order of Q-Tips and laundry detergent from Amazon, you check your phone to make sure. Sadly, it wasn't even for you but for your neighbor across the hall.

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But then you get notified again... and again... and again. And even though every time it isn't for you, you can't help but be excited to get the notification. Because that notification is giving you some hot tea that you didn't even know you needed. But here you are.

Sounds juicy right? Well, it happened to one TikTok user, @arieana_.

TikTok user @arieana_ caught her neighbor cheating on her doorbell camera!

The first slide in @arieana_'s Tiktok says, "Y'all I caught my neighbor cheating on her husband with my doorbell camera. I can't believe this shit."

The next slides reads, "A man came over with a pack of liquor at 10 pm... at 3 am she walked him out with no pants on."

The final slide before showing the footage reads, "This was last night. Now her husband just came home today after being gone for four days."

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The first shot from the doorbell shows the husband leaving with a green bag.

The next shot is of a different man coming to the apartment at 9 p.m. and bringing alcohol with him. Originally, @arieana_ thought that he was a DoorDash driver, but that theory was quickly proven wrong after he went into the apartment.

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At 3 a.m., the man is shown leaving with his sweatshirt off and no beer. However, the most incriminating piece of evidence here is the fact that woman does not have any pants on.

The final footage from the door camera shows the husband returning the next morning (or rather the same morning that the other man left) with his green bag in tow.

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This has caused quite a stir in the comments about whether or not the neighbor should tell the husband.

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Even content creator @jolly_good_ginger posted a reaction video to this TikTok using "our wife" and "our husband" to describe the characters in the story at hand.

"What the hell is our wife up to? Because from my point of view, our wife is cheating on us," he said. He then begs for an update from Arieana, who posted her original video on October 30.

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The @jolly_good_ginger appeals directly to Arieana:

"Arieana, we need to know. Did you tell him that our wife is cheating on us? Did you show him the films? I mean, the cat's out of the bag now, you made it public. And I'm making it public-er. We are all in this together now, Arieana, and it is important that our husband knows what our wife did. Is there any follow up? Have you told them? We need you too spill the tea, Arieana. Spill the tea."

We're with @jolly_good_ginger on this one! The people need to know what happened between green bag guy and pantless woman! Tag us in the comment when she posts an update.

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