Check out This "Genius" TikTok Hack for Removing Nail Polish — See the Viral Video!

TikTok lifestyle hacks and beauty are constantly trending. Check out this "genius" TikTok hack for removing nail polish that won't mess up your nails.

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

May 19 2021, Published 3:24 p.m. ET

TikTok beauty hack
Source: TikTok

Aside from scrolling through TikTok to watch viral dance challenges, lip-sync videos, or your favorite social media influencers collaborate, the short-form video platform has also become the key place to find random everyday hacks that may potentially improve your life. 

Whether it's beauty, cooking, DIY furniture building, etc., new TikTok hacks are always trending. 

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Most recently, another TikTok hack has gone viral in the realm of beauty. While users have taught us the best foundation to use, how to master the perfect winged eyeliner look, and how to get a fuller brow without splurging on microblading, a new trend that has gone viral is removing nail polish

Keep reading to find out more about how you can remove nail polish with a tampon, per TikTok.

TikTok nail polish tampon hack
Source: TikTok
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Here's how to remove nail polish with a tampon.

Forget to pick up cotton rounds at the store? Are you completely out of cotton balls? Well, a new TikTok hack that has gone viral is how to remove nail polish with a tampon. 

TikTok user ag380gtmgmt went viral after sharing her "life hack" of removing nail polish with the feminine product.

"I'm about to show y'all a life hack, with one of these," she tells her followers in the video, while holding a tampon that has a plastic applicator on it. "Pour you some nail polish remover in the lid here and soak it up," she says while dipping the tampon cotton tip in the nail polish remover. She adds, "You can take your nail polish off without messing up your fingernails."

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For those of us who have tried to remove chipped polish from our fingers or toes, sometimes a cotton ball that is soaked in nail polish remover will get on your fingers and remove the polish that you don't want to. This simple trick will leave your hands acetone free. 

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Following the TikToker's beauty life hack, users were quick to comment their opinion about this trend.

"Omg, thank you!! This is genius lol," one person wrote. Another commented, "This is genius! Q-tips are way too small and [you] use so many. This is definitely better."

Another user posted, "Omg perfect! Have not had to use [them] in years but came across some under the cabinet. I kept for something."

TikTok nail polish tampon hack
Source: TikTok
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"Soooo we taking nail polish off ... with tampons these days then? Now I've seen everything," a viewer wrote.

However, not everyone is jumping on board the tampon nail polish trend. Other users complained that it is wasteful and that tampons are expensive.

"Tampons are expensive lol. I ain't doing that [crying laughing emoji]," one user commented. Another person agreed with the price point comment, writing, "Is there a cheaper option?? Those things are expensive."

Another user commented about tampons not being environmentally friendly, writing, "And that plastic is going to sit in the landfill or ocean for 50 years."

So, will you be trying this beauty hack?

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