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Source: Courtesy of 'Another Version of You'

WWE Star CJ Perry aka Lana on How Wrestling Prepared Her for "Another Version of You" (EXCLUSIVE)


After watching the woman of his dreams marry another man, Diggsy Ellston (Kristopher Wente) is given another shot at finding happiness. When a stranger gifts Diggsy with a magical key, he is able to jump through parallel universes to find another version of his childhood crush, Suzette Larking (Sara Antonio). However, once he decides to open a "new door," he is not able to return. 

In Another Version of You, Diggsy will go on the adventure of a lifetime searching for the perfect version of Suzette. Though, his life keeps intersecting with a gorgeous blonde named Gwyneth (CJ Perry). Will Diggsy keep trying to find an alternate world, in which Suzette loves him, or will he possibly pursue Gwenyth? Basically, this is the perfect rom-com to enjoy this holiday season!