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These Are the WWE Pay-Per-Views That Were So Good They Made You Say, "Oh Hell Yeah!"


A huge part of my childhood was rooted in the WWE pay-per-view friend circuit. Whenever there was a new PPV on the horizon, one pal's family would order the event and everyone would come over to watch it. Some of the most hilarious, shocking, weird, and absolutely brutal moments would occur at these pay-per-views, and it became apparent that a lot of the action on RAW and SmackDown were just appetizers for the main course.

While some WWE events got a little predictable after a while, and some pre-planned WTF moments come off a little muted, like Undertaker's "choke push" of Rikishi, it doesn't change the fact that the WWE usually went all out to create some truly incredible sports entertainment spectacles.

The following are legendary WWE pay-per-views that are just, that, damn, good.

These are the top WWE pay-per-views of all time: 

1. One Night Stand - 2005

Technically an ECW event that was put on after the WWE purchased the now-dissolved organization, pro-wrestling fans with a penchant for sadistic, hardcore action were treated to an absolute barnburner of an event at NY's Hammerstein Ballroom, the ECW's old unofficial home for events. The insane match between Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka was one of the craziest pro-wrestling displays ever recorded, but in reality, the entire card was stupendous.