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Source: YouTube

Janelle Monae's New Movie, 'Antebellum,' Looks Totally Terrifying


It's been far too long since we've had a new and original scary movie to completely obsess over, and one that's currently in the middle of filming stars none other than Janelle Monae.

Aside from its impeccable casting, however, the trailer looks absolutely terrifying... it's safe to say I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight. So, what's the plot of Antebellum? Here's what we know about the film so far.

The teaser was released & I already have nightmares.

The trailer opens with what looks like a plantation from the 1700s, with a 911 call blaring in the background. Armed guards are walking through the cotton fields in which servants are picking cotton, and a little girl runs through as a woman chases after her, looking absolutely terrified.

We catch a glimpse of Janelle Monae, before everyone looks straight up at the sky, facing what appears to be an unidentified flying object.