12 April Fools' Pranks You Should Never, Ever Play on a Person

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 31 2022, Published 5:15 p.m. ET

There's a tremendous scene in New Girl where Nick calls out Winston for either going too light, or way too far with his pranks.

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As most people know, good pranks achieve a delicate balance of making someone question their sanity for a second, but not so much that they end up like Sam Neill from In the Mouth of Madness.

And in case you're the kind of person who goes a bit too hard for April Fools', we've compiled a list of pranks that you should never play.

Troll pregnancy.

April Fools Pranks You Should Never Do
Source: Twitter | @xoxo_desstiinyy

Ah yes, making someone think that they're going to be a new parent and helping to usher in a lifetime of responsibility for another human being is soooooo funny. Aside from being super unoriginal (the biggest reason not to do it), a pregnancy prank can also cause some nasty emotional damage. You might let someone down who desperately wanted to have a kid, or learn that your partner never really envisioned having children with you, which could just make everyone sad.

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Tricking your kids with a gift of any kind.

Source: YouTube | @

Getting up a child's hopes and dreams, then dashing them for the delight of others (or worse: strangers on the internet) is a huge bully move. Sure, harmless little pranks are fine, but if your kid has been pining away for a Playstation 5 and you get them a box of rocks when they've otherwise been a swell little kid is a rotten thing to do.

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Faking death/illness.

Source: Twitter | @rxsieberries

This is emotionally manipulative and profoundly unfunny. You're basically making someone feel bad for caring about you, and then pulling the rug out and saying, "Ha ha! I got you! I don't have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma!"

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A fake break-up.

Source: Twitter | @irisvicencio

Again, if someone is emotionally invested in you, making them think that your relationship is on the rocks is never cool. Just check out this Redditor's wife who left them a voicemail saying they wanted to file for divorce.

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Standing someone up.

Source: Twitter | @NightS_Studios

Standing someone up is a mean-spirited thing to do that doesn't even pack a punchline. Telling someone you're doing something at a specific place and time and then ghosting them? Wow, you're such a comic genius.

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Hiding a person's wheelchair or anything vital they use to function.

Source: YouTube | @Rayhart Twins

This "prank" has been blasted by several people, and in case you needed to be told how crummy of a thing this is to do, well, take this as a loud and clear message.

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Getting someone to think they murdered someone.

Source: YouTube | @Derren Brown

Derren Brown is an illusionist from the U.K. who got a lot of heat for convincing someone who got drunk that the night before they had caused the death of someone else. He hired actors, set up fake crime scenes, and basically got some unsuspecting hungover person to believe they had committed murder.

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Fake winning lottery tickets.

Making someone think that they've hit it big, especially when they're undergoing a tough time financially isn't a cool move. But it is something that this Redditor experienced on Christmas, of all days.

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Making someone eat poop or convincing them they did.

This is just straight up nasty. FOOD IS SACRED.

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Spoiling a favorite book, movie, or TV show.

Source: TikTok | @9mm77

Do some people take their fandom way too far? Yes, and while I don't personally care if someone spoils certain plot points for me, I understand that a lot of people do, and putting them through a "Snape kills Dumbledore" moment really isn't cool.

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Fake fired.

Source: Twitter | @CodlyB

With costs of living in the U.S. on the rise, more and more people are thankful for the jobs that they have, especially if they're decent ones. Making a worker think that their position, or the company that they work at is in jeopardy really isn't funny.

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Cutting/shaving a part of someone's head.

Source: YouTube | @RebelTV

You don't want to physically alter someone for the sake of a prank. Putting Nair in their shampoo or buzzing their hair really isn't funny, especially if they dump a lot of moolah into their locks.

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