Who Is Daryl on 'Catfish' Really? Apryl Thinks He's Not Who He Says He Is

Is Daryl catfishing his muse, Apryl? After gifting her with drawings for years, Daryl went quiet on social media. Is there more to it?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Jun. 1 2021, Published 9:09 p.m. ET

Every episode of MTV's Catfish is so different that viewers never quite know what they're going to get. Is the alleged catfisher a master manipulator who has catfished dozens of people? Or are they a secretly married player? In the June 1 episode, "Apryl and Daryl," it's difficult to say what the answer is just yet.

After four years of being Daryl's "muse," he's been ghosting Apryl in some pretty strange ways. But does that make him a catfish?

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Who is Apryl?

Apryl Labelle is a Montreal native who has called in Catfish to find out just what her Instagram beau is hiding. "The first time Daryl ever made contact with me, it was through Instagram ... He had taken it upon himself to draw a selfie that I had posted. So, kind of nice, kind of creepy a little bit because I had no idea who he was," she told hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

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Though Apryl says that Daryl never explained how he found her, they spend years going back and forth through the app.

"Anytime that I would post a picture that he liked, he would draw it and send it to me when it was done."

In the past year, according to Apryl, the two got closer. Their conversations had moved beyond the drawings and into more romantic talk.

Over time, Daryl started to call her his muse, and she began sending her favorite photos directly to him to draw. But it's not just selfies that Daryl is seeing. Apryl has an OnlyFans, which her online paramour is subscribed to.

While Daryl has seen Apryl both clothed and nude, she's never been able to FaceTime with him.

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Source: Instagram

Through Apryl has wanted to FaceTime, she's worried about frightening him off. He's previously deleted parts of his social media and disappeared on her before, though he says that he just needs breaks from social media sometimes.

And despite having been in communication for four years, they've never moved their relationship off Instagram. She doesn't even have his phone number. She's never seen him beyond photos online or heard his voice.

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Although all this seems fishy enough, it gets worse. Apryl received a DM from someone she didn't know with just a Facebook link, which she followed to a strange Facebook group that Daryl belongs to. Daryl told her to ignore the message, as it was just his sister.

Who is Daryl?

That's the million-dollar question. Daryl is active on Instagram under the username @darylartshow. Though there are a number of drawings of cartoon characters, there are also supposed pictures of Daryl, as well as videos, and drawings of Apryl. As Kamie points out, if Daryl is a catfish, his social media presence is pretty impressive.

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Source: Instagram

There's even a post dedicated to his dad, in which he shares a newspaper clipping of Danny Ratcliff from Akron, Ohio, who is also an artist. It's worth noting that, according to the Tennessean, Danny Ratcliff does have two sons: Danny II and Daryl Ratcliff.

It also seems that Daryl's hatred of social media is legitimate as he also commented on the post, "#f--ksocialmedia." It's a hashtag that he's used on several posts. Because Daryl's art can sometimes be explicit, he's shared on Instagram that his work often gets reported. Is that why his Instagram account keeps disappearing?

It does appear that there's a real Daryl Ratcliff out there, but is @darylartshow him? And if it is, is he hiding something else from Apryl?

Catch Catfish Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

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