These Signs Have Us Convinced Daisy and Joe are Endgame on 'The Bachelor'

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Feb. 6 2024, Updated 9:16 a.m. ET

Joey and Daisy on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Obviously, the first episode of any season of The Bachelor is both revealing and cringeworthy. While contestants are trapped for hours drinking and mingling, fans get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly come out. Women have cried, screamed, and interrupted their way into and out of the hearts of Bachelor Nation. While it's easy to zero in on the most dramatic of the bunch, sometimes the quiet ones are the loudest. That's why we love Daisy Kent.

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Philadelphia native and former Charity Lawson lover Joey Graziadei has his hands full in Season 28. From a pair of sisters to a secret envelope that gives a contestant the ability to steal a one-on-one date, this season is different. Despite the madness, one gal has already earned a place in the hearts of Bachelor Nation. Daisy is sweet, funny, and seemingly far more grounded than her fellow contestants. Folks already think she and Joey are endgame. Are Daisy and Joey still together after The Bachelor?

Joe and Daisy on 'The Bachelor'
Source: ABC

Joe and Daisy on 'The Bachelor'

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Are Daisy and Joey still loving it up after 'The Bachelor?' We hope so!

"I'm having a really good time. All the girls are super nice," Daisy said on night one. She also admitted to feeling overwhelmed but thought it might be because she has hearing loss due to Ménière’s disease. Daisy has a cochlear implant but as she explained in a TikTok, the sounds and voices bouncing off the walls can be overwhelming. Daisy is incredibly likable. It's easy to see why Joey was "captivated" by her after a single conversation.

She sets herself apart from other contestants by genuinely wanting Joey to have the best experience on the show.

"I'm so excited for you," said Daisy. "Whatever happens, I'll be cheering you on."

That sentiment is in stark contrast with other contestants who very much have an "every person for themselves" attitude. It's very endearing and refreshing. You can literally see Joey's entire demeanor change as he takes in what Daisy is saying. Also not for nothing, their kiss looked very natural.

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Source: Twitter/@RealitySteve

If the rumors are true, Daisy and Joey are definitely getting engaged!

At the risk of reading too much into things, it certainly says something that Joey chose Daisy for his first one-on-one date.

"Daisy had something about her on night one that I can't get out of my head," explained Joey. To do that, he whisked her away on a helicopter to the BeachLife Festival at Redondo Beach. The Bachelor is so good at creating fairytale moments, but having Joey and Daisy dance on stage in front of thousands, which of course ended in a kiss, was a highlight.

According to Reality Steve, Daisy and Joey will be heading down the aisle soon. They were allegedly engaged during Episode 11 in Tulum, Mexico. While Reality Steve was unwilling to share proof, he did locate pictures of the two of them during the hometown dates. They definitely look like a comfortable couple who have to share a kiss in front of a camera crew, for now!

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