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Source: Showtime

Evelyn and Alan on 'Couples Therapy.'

'Couples Therapy' Fans Would Very Much Like to Know if Evelyn and Alan Are Still Together


"It's her. She's never happy. I don't want to do this anymore," goes Alan's description of his long-term partner, the quiet, reserved Evelyn. 

Couples Therapy is a show dedicated to airing dirty laundry. In the course of nine episodes, it sheds light on the conflicts that can make or break a relationship. From the four couples featured in the first season, it was Alan and Evelyn who captured the viewers' imagination the most. 

We set out to investigate: Are Evelyn and Alan still together?

Are Evelyn and Alan still together? It's not looking good.

During their first television session, Evelyn and Alan automatically take up the two, opposing ends of the sofa. While Alan's body language indicates confidence and a more outgoing personality, Evelyn remains still for the most part.