Romance Blooms Between Hannah and Tony in 'The Mole' Season 2 (SPOILERS)

"I think Tony trusts me. He'll definitely tell me everything he knows, but he would be smart not to," Hannah says in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'

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Jun. 28 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Hannah and Tony smile for their official portraits for Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Bonnie Yap/Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Season 2, Episodes 1-5 of The Mole.

Who would've thought there would be a The Mole showmance? Not us, that's for sure! If you've been glued to Season 2 of Netflix's revival of this reality game show, you might have noticed sparks flying between Hannah Burns and Tony Castellanos.

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These two clicked right away, and by Episode 3, they're not holding back — they even share a kiss in front of the group! But are Hannah and Tony truly an item, or is this just part of their game plan? Here's what we know.

The entire Season 2 cast of Netflix's 'The Mole' compete in a water-based challenge in Episode 2.
Source: Netflix
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So, are Hannah and Tony from 'The Mole' Season 2 dating?

As of now, it's unknown if Hannah and Tony are dating. If we had to wager a guess, it seems more like a showmance. Given how Hannah describes their bond on the show, we doubt Tony would want to pursue a serious relationship with the 23-year-old marketing consultant beyond The Mole.

Near the end of Episode 2, host Ari Shapiro drops a bombshell: One contestant can be exempt from that night's elimination quiz. As the group deliberates, the prize pot dwindles with every decision. Most bow out early to protect the jackpot, and in the end, Tony and Hannah are the final two.

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Hannah attempts to flirt her way to victory, but Tony remains resolute and declines to give in. In a confessional, Hannah admits she's never been turned down by a guy before and always gets what she wants.

With the prize pot dipping below $10,000, Tony eventually caves and lets Hannah take the exemption. Neesh remarks that Hannah "played Tony like a fiddle."

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After Andy is eliminated, Tony and Hannah share a kiss in front of everyone. Later, in a confessional, Hannah reflects on their relationship: "I think Tony trusts me. He'll definitely tell me everything he knows, but he would be smart not to."

"All I care about is the money and figuring it out for myself," she adds. "There can only be one winner, so I don't know how that's gonna work out. Maybe it'll be our first fight.

By the fourth episode, Hannah is fully committed to winning The Mole. She feeds Tony false information before the elimination quiz, stating in a confessional, "I'm not gonna share the information with Tony because I can't have him knowing what I know."

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Hannah essentially orchestrates Tony's elimination.

Sadly, in Episode 5, Tony is the next contestant to be eliminated from the game. He's at a loss for words in his exit interview, but he claims he "got blindsided."

Tony wears a Hawaiian shirt in Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix
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"It's kind of irritating me that Hannah kind of has the same suspects. We played as a team, and she's come to me with a lot of information, and I think that might be my downfall, right?" he continues. "There is no trust. When you're in the game, you never know what anyone's true intentions are no matter what they tell you. Is Hannah the Mole? Could be."

Once he's gone, Hannah rises from the table and breaks down in tears. Michael comforts her, and she confesses, "I feel so bad right now. It feels like I sent my friend home."

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"I just feel really, really guilty. It's a horrible feeling to feel like you betrayed someone that you really care about," Hannah says in a confessional. "But to succeed in this game, you have to be emotionless and take that out of it, or else you're not gonna make it. We need to work together in the mission against the Mole, but when you're taking the quiz, when you're feeding each other information, nobody's telling the truth, and you really can't trust anybody but yourself."

Hannah starts crying after Tony is eliminated from Season 2 of 'The Mole.'
Source: Netflix
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As the remaining players set off on their next mission, Neesh has his sights set on Hannah, convinced that she is "one of the biggest reasons" Tony is gone.

"She definitely played a hand in manipulating him," he says in a confessional. "We saw it at the countdown and getting that exemption from him."

Neesh adds, "She's not really a good team player because if you look at all of the missions that she's been a part of, she hasn't contributed much. But I really can't tell if it's actually Mole-like behavior or someone drawing suspicion on themselves. Either way, it's someone to watch — and I'm definitely watching."

Season 2 of The Mole is now streaming on Netflix.

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