'The Mole's Deanna Thompson Already Proved She Has Detective Skills on Another Netflix Show

Deanna first appeared in a true crime docuseries on Netflix.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 26 2024, Updated 8:54 a.m. ET

Deanna Thompson from The Mole
Source: Netflix

In some ways, Netflix is one big pool of reality TV and docuseries participants who are more than happy to hop around from show to show. And honestly, no one is complaining. So if you thought you recognized Deanna Thompson when you saw the cast for Season 2 of The Mole, that's because she was already on another Netflix series well before this one.

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No, it's not a dating show. However, multiple contestants from The Mole have already found themselves on the beach on Perfect Match.

Instead, Deanna's history with Netflix goes back to a docuseries where she proved she is the ultimate internet sleuth. Does that translate to being a real-life detective on The Mole? The jury is still out on that.

Deanna Thompson sits in an armchair on Don't F--k With Cats
Source: Netflix
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You might recognize 'The Mole's Deanna Thompson from 'Don't F--k With Cats.'

Deanna might go far on The Mole, but to some, she will be forever known as the online pseudonym Baudi Moovan from the Netflix docuseries Don't F--k With Cats. The true crime doc follows the story of a mysterious man who posted videos online of himself killing two kittens.

Deanna, along with other amateur internet detectives, took it upon themselves to figure out what happened and who this man was.

Outside of the docuseries and The Mole, Deanna still has an interest in true crime and in learning about the slightly macabre. She also shares her weight loss journey on Instagram, along with updates about various true crime cases happening in real time.

She's still something of an amateur sleuth, but Deanna is dedicated to uncovering the truth where she can.

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Deanna is also the host of a true crime podcast.

You can't be an internet armchair detective without starting a podcast. And Deanna's podcast, True Crimes With John and Deanna, which she hosts with fellow Don't F--k With Cats participant John Green, allows her to look at unsolved cases yet again.

The last time a new episode of the podcast was released was in December 2023, however, so it's unclear if there are plans to start dropping more episodes any time soon.

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Deanna doesn't think she could be the mole because she is autistic.

According to Netflix, Deanna doesn't think she could fill the role of the secret mole on the show.

"I am an absolutely terrible liar," she said, according to the streaming platform. "This isn't a low-key brag… I wish I was better. I don't know if it has something to do with being autistic, but [I] always assumed that I lacked the nuance to do it well."

But if Deanna does well on The Mole, she could have a whole other career venture in front of her as a strong reality TV competitor. Especially if Deanna turns out to be the mole at the end of the season and fools everyone in the process.

Watch The Mole on Netflix.

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