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Source: HBO

Argestes Isn't Real, but the 'Succession' Retreat Is Based in Reality


Despite being fictional, the HBO series Succession is so tapped into the cutthroat world of billion-dollar media behemoths it can sometimes seem like the Roys are real people running a real media corporation. And that's definitely by design. Many of the companies, people, and places on the show are either direct analogues for real-life counterparts or an amalgamation of a few. 

For example, the Murdoch family of New Corp fame is the most commonly cited inspiration for Logan Roy's clan. The digital media company Vaulter, which Kendall acquired and then killed at his daddy's behest, seems like it could just as easily be called Vox, BuzzFeed, or Gizmodo (formerly Gawker Media). 

The show seems so true to life, it can be difficult sometimes to determine whether something referred to on the show is real or fake, as was the case with the titular Argestes conference of S2 E6.