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Source: HBO

The Dysfunctional Roy Family in ‘Succession’ Might've Been Inspired by These Real Families


Behind every media empire is a family. In HBO's Succession, the family behind one of the biggest global media empires is also incredibly dysfunctional, leading to crazy antics and extreme manipulation. 

The critically beloved show — which premiered in the summer of 2018 — is set to return on August 11 with its second season, and it's somehow going to be even bigger than the first. 

The first season of the satire comedy show detailed the Roy family, whose patriarch Logan Roy gets sick, leading the family to wonder who will take on his media empire once he dies. Succession highlights how competitive a family can be when money is at stake. 

But is Succession based on a real family? Inside the rumored inspiration for the Roy family and the details on the upcoming second season.