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The Best Easter Eggs and Callbacks From 'Arrested Development's Final Season


"There's always money in the banana stand." 

It's not only an iconic joke from Arrested Development Season 1 but one of at least a dozen fantastic Easter eggs and callbacks sprinkled throughout the final season of the absurd comedy. 

If you're bingeing Season 5 right now, you might miss some of the hilarious references embedded in the last few episodes of the finale season. Here are a few of the best hidden gems we spotted — but be warned, there are also some spoilers.

Michael's Chicken Dance


Throughout AD Season 1, Michael observes his parents and every one of his siblings imitate a chicken at some point, finally inspiring him to exclaim, "Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?!" But we never got to see Michael's impression of a chicken until the very last episode... and it turned out to be the repressed memory from Cinco de Quatro that had left him with a deep feeling of shame. Seems, like the rest of the Bluths, he too is terrible at clucking.