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Source: twitter

Autistic Boy Hands This Poem in for School Assignment, Leaves Teacher in Tears


It's not every day a teacher encounters a piece of writing so intensely personal from a student that it practically moves them to tears, but that's exactly what Benjamin Giroux did back in 2016.

There's a curious thing that happens with students in school over time. Children usually start their "careers" in school wide-eyed and hopeful. In pre-school and kindergarten, we can see them excitedly play and interact with their peers.

Each child has their own distinct personality, and there's a clear sense of importance and direction, at least in my experience, from faculty and staff members, that is solely dedicated to ensuring that their individual needs based on their personalities are never compromised.

Even if they throw tantrums, even if they give their teachers hell, there's usually a distinct understanding that no matter what, their needs, especially the need to express themselves, is placed above the needs of everyone else.

But over time, kids are trained out of that. I remember that shift distinctly: around 5th grade, we're expected to just sit down and shut up. We're expected to tow the line and not really cause much of a ruckus, even when we're faced with something we think is worthy of protestation. Starting "trouble" or an argument that might disrupt the "order" of a classroom is immediately frowned upon and chastised, just so no one else is made uncomfortable.

In turn, our own feelings are suppressed.