People Are Selling 'Avengers: Endgame' Tickets for Nearly $10,000



Ticket scalpers are hoping people's love for everything Marvel will pay off in a big way before the box office premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

A strange thing has happened in the world of cinema since Iron Man debuted in 2008.

Superhero movies have always been box office magic, even when they were kinda abysmal. The Fantastic Four movies made bank at the box office. The Sam Raimi Spiderman films were campy and pretty terrible, save for Willem Dafoe, and they made so much cash that we got to see an "evil" Tobey Maguire dance scene in the third and final film of that cursed trilogy.

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But Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way and reshaped the movie-going experience forever. It seems there's a new superhero or villain movie coming out every month. In fact, there are even sub-categories of superhero flicks. BRIGHTBURN and Joker are intimate character study flicks rather than epic action-adventure films. Thor: Ragnarok and Deadpool are straight-up comedies. Logan was more a horror/western/father-daughter redemption story than an action flick.

But the Marvel films that seem to get fans the most excited are the big-budget, cross-universe extravaganzas known as the Avengers series.

Source: Marvel Studios
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They're the kinds of films you would excitedly stay up with your siblings or friends and dream about making when you would grow up. "How awesome would it be if we got to see Thor and Spiderman and Hulk and Iron Man and Black Panther in the same movie? DUDE!"

Fast-forward to 2019 and after eleven years of completely shaping the film industry, the most anticipated Avengers film of all time is hitting the theaters, and opening weekend tickets everywhere are understandably selling out.

They're selling out so hard, several movie theater websites crashed because so many fans were hopping online to secure seating early.

It's not hard to expect that kind of response. The Russo Brothers did end Infinity War on a traumatic note, with everyone watching their favorite heroes get murked by a giant purple Space Hitler after he snapped his fingers with a magic golden glove.

What no one expected, however, is just how much of a premium ticket scalpers would charge for the tickets in some "premium" areas. 

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Source: ebay

Try hitting up Ebay right now and do a little search for Avengers: Endgame tickets in New York City, one of the hardest places to catch good seats for any movie on opening night, let alone a title that will likely break every single box office record ever created. I can't count how many times I had to watch some independent documentary on pencil-making because I idiotically didn't buy seats beforehand.

One person is selling two tickets at AMC's 84th Street theater for a whopping $9,199. 

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Other "markets" that aren't in as high of demand are still commanding some insane markups. Want to see Endgame in Oklahoma City? Hope you have $2,500. Or if you're trying to watch the movie in Central NJ and hit up Douglas Pizza for some halal cheesesteaks afterwards, you're gonna need to shell out $500 for opening night tix.

Or, you know, you could just wait to watch the movie.

Source: ebay
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Understandably, people are freaking out over these premium charges and think that for the amount of money some of these people are charging, that they should get a heck of a lot more than just a theater ticket.

Source: ebay
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Source: twitter
Source: twitter
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Others are wondering what they're doing just sitting on their own opening night tickets and think they should try to make a buck.

Source: twitter

Like Samantha here, who'll probably just go and watch the movie if no one buys it. Anyone here have some premium tickets they'd be willing to give up at a premium price? If so, go and get that money!

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