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Here's Why the CEO of the Influencer-Favorite Luggage Company Away Is Stepping Down


It's likely that you know the name Away. If you don't know the name, then at the very least you'd know their suitcases if you saw them because you've definitely seen them in the airport and all over your Instagram feed. The start-up was created back in 2015 and, since then, it's become a cult favorite, with celebrities and influencers alike endorsing the brand and top lifestyle publications saying that it's the best new thing in travel.

But while we were all buying the new suitcases, what we didn't know is that a harmful work environment was developing at Away's headquarters in New York. Following the reveal of just how toxic the work culture was, Away's CEO Stephanie Korey decided it's time she steps down and issued a lengthy apology. Just a month later, she retracted her apology, called the reporting "inaccurate", and stepped back in the role of CEO.