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Source: lionsgate | reddit

Instagram Influencer Gives Bad Yelp Review to Restaurant That Won't Accept Likes as Payment


I'm not going to say that every single Instagram Influencer or person who aspires to be one is a narcissistic psychopath. I've met plenty of people who do that stuff for a living who have legitimate businesses and are wonderful people. But what I am saying is that a platform that is 100 percent about image will attract individuals with some very specific perspective disorders and heightened levels of delusion, like this Yelper who left a bad Yelp review to a restaurant solely because they wouldn't discount their meal.

Free swag is part of the Influencer game, and it makes sense. If you've got a large number of followers who are attracted to your account because of your wonderful posts about muffins, then they're probably going to be interested in all muffin-related content on your page. So I, Mr. Muffin Goods Supplier, would probably want to feature my pans and spatulas and muffin mixes on your page and might try to strike a deal with you.

Then there are the celebrities with millions of followers who get paid the big bucks to advertise swag on their page. Must be nice to make $50K a pop to post a photo and write short blurb about FitTea on your 'gram. Smaller influencers often accept free stuff in exchange for "exposure." But this Yelper wasn't approached by the restaurant they slammed on the review site.

What makes their bad Yelp review truly bizarre is that they started it with mixed messages right out of the gate.