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Source: Twitter

This Influencer's 'Surprise' Proposal Was One Big Planned, Sponsored Ad


If Allen Ginsberg were writing "Howl" in 2019, I think it would start like this: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Instagram, starving trendy filtered, dragging themselves though the social media streets at dawn looking for a brand to sponsor them..." 

In this age where it is acceptable for a whole life to be commodified, where influencers are selling every aspect of their being for a living, it should not come as a shock that a viral "surprise" wedding proposal probably isn't a surprise at all but rather a carefully planned branded experience.

Marissa Casey Fuchs, a fashion influencer known on Instagram as @fashionambitionist, recently posted a video to her account in which her boyfriend, Gabriel Grossman, kicks off an epic scavenger hunt for Marissa. "I have the most important question of my life to ask you," he says. "The problem is, we're not really into traditional weddings." A surprise proposal. Or is it? 

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WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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