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Source: iStock/LinkedIn (artist rendering)

A Boss's Sexist Comments About a Woman's LinkedIn Profile Pic Are Eye-Opening


Workplace sexism has definitely come to the forefront in recent years with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. While large campaigns like these are useful, perhaps the best work that can be done to dismantle men's harmful attitudes toward women in and outside of the office is through men having conversations with other men. 

Men certainly don't make up 100 percent of perpetrators of sexism and harassment, but they make up the overwhelming majority, and often people aren't even aware of the underlying biases driving their actions and behavior.

A work anecdote shared on Twitter by a user named @sswyrs beautifully illustrates a discriminatory attitude many women have experienced: that no matter what they wear or what expression they have on their face, certain men will see them as being sexually provocative simply because they, the men, find these women attractive.