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His Tinder Date Ditched When the Bill Came — But She Left Her Tab Open


The topic of "who pays" is an increasingly touchy subject in the world of modern dating and romance. Typically, men are expected to front the bill when going on a first date and merely suggesting otherwise throws some people into a tizzy.

There are different poles on a spectrum of varying opinions on the topic. On one extreme, you have the uber meninists who use this "standard" practice of men fronting the cost for first dates as an excuse to blast their misogynistic propaganda on social media. On the flip side, you've got women who "abuse" this social standard to fleece dudes into shelling out for free meals in the hopes they will get laid.

Most people, however, are normal people who lie somewhere in the middle.

A lot of people go out for coffee or some low-cost activity on a first date and just really try to get to know someone without all the dressings and expectations of fancy atmosphere. Still others understand that a person't isn't necessarily a "certain way" just because they were born a man or a woman. A crummy person is a crummy person regardless of their gender.

And if Reddit user RustedCornhole's story is true, then in this instance, we're dealing with a woman who is "abusing the system."