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Source: instagram

People Noticed There Was Something "Off" About This Instagram Painter's Palette


An Instagram artist was outed for not being entirely upfront with her followers regarding her painted work when several people noticed a recurring detail in her posts that was a bit "off."

It seems like everyone and their mother is an Instagram influencer these days. Everyone's a life coach, everyone's inspiring you to find your most "positive" self. And everyone's approaching this "journey to a better you" in the same exact way: by taking bomb-as-hell photos.

Some folks on Instagram are always glammed up to the nines. They can pose like no one's business, get the lighting to hit them juuuuuust right in every photo and generally make you feel like an ugly troglodyte while they're about as magnificent as can be.

While being gorgeous is enough for plenty of folks to gather large followings, others stand out by showing off talents that don't have to do with winning the genetic lottery.

Aspiring influencers can go about this one of two days: 1) Develop a talent and share their progress and journey online as they hone their skills or, 2) lie through their teeth by stunting in photos that just make them look like they're a skilled individual.

Christina Szeifert appears to have selected option 2 from the looks of this recurring detail present in many of her photos.