People Noticed There Was Something "Off" About This Instagram Painter's Palette

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 19 2019, Updated 12:27 p.m. ET

An Instagram artist was outed for not being entirely upfront with her followers regarding her painted work when several people noticed a recurring detail in her posts that was a bit "off."

It seems like everyone and their mother is an Instagram influencer these days. Everyone's a life coach, everyone's inspiring you to find your most "positive" self. And everyone's approaching this "journey to a better you" in the same exact way: by taking bomb-as-hell photos.

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Some folks on Instagram are always glammed up to the nines. They can pose like no one's business, get the lighting to hit them juuuuuust right in every photo and generally make you feel like an ugly troglodyte while they're about as magnificent as can be.

While being gorgeous is enough for plenty of folks to gather large followings, others stand out by showing off talents that don't have to do with winning the genetic lottery.

Aspiring influencers can go about this one of two days: 1) Develop a talent and share their progress and journey online as they hone their skills or, 2) lie through their teeth by stunting in photos that just make them look like they're a skilled individual.

Christina Szeifert appears to have selected option 2 from the looks of this recurring detail present in many of her photos.

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Her Instagram profile describes her as a "Psychologist, Artist, Entrepreneur, Health and Life Coach" and according to her website, she started a modeling career at the age of 16. She's currently a doctor of clinical psychology. 

Which is weird, because you'd figure she'd then know what the psychological effects were of people seeing her pose as a painter with a palette that never changes.

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Seriously, in every single photo online, her palette stays exactly the same. In the case of the boat photo below, for example, the colors on the canvas aren't even the same as the ones on the palette. Where's the blue? Where's the white?? It doesn't make any sense!

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The more people analyzed her paintings, the more they found wrong with Christina's entire operation. Some Redditors commented that she was holding the palette entirely the wrong way. Other artists chimed in and said the classic wooden palette isn't something most modern artists even use, because they are difficult to clean.

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fake instagram painter
Source: reddit

The most glaring problem with these "staged" photos is how clean everything is. Painting can get messy. Artists will get color splats all over their arms, clothes, and surroundings even when they're careful. Why is she all decked out and rocking a perfectly made-up face while painting? Why is she painting over what seems to be a very expensive rug? 

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Others charitably suggested that Christina had completed all of those paintings herself but the former model staged these photos to promote her business and a certain lifestyle on Instagram. In other words, the photos aren't necessarily of her "painting" her work in real time, just her posing next to them, but that doesn't necessarily mean she didn't paint them herself.

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Bored Panda reached out to Christina regarding the scandal surrounding her and her paintings, and she had this to say:

"Well, I am a bit shocked about this ridiculous situation but I will answer to you. I have been an artist ever since I was a small child, graduated art school, and it remained a passion over the years. After art school, I attended university for psychology, opened my first business at the very early age of 22, and start modeling at a high level in Italy. Over time, I restarted my passion for painting, especially in the last year. After I finished a painting, I would post the final result on my Instagram page. I like to photograph myself looking perfect so obviously, the pictures with my paintings are done with clean clothes and with my make-up done. I have beauty businesses and am a model for many women, so this is the reason I like to have a good image on social media. I painted a lot in my early years, ages 18-20 and was even an art teacher for kids from an orphanage in Romania (for free, of course). I posted my art pictures to try to motivate people to follow their dreams and not to abandon their passions as I did. I never expected that people could be so irritated because of my clean look. The palette [in the photos] was probably used as an accessory in a few pictures, and I use an acrylic paint that is washable so it looks similar in many pictures. I paint as often as I have time for. I have a busy life but I like to create things and painting is relaxing for me. I am proud to paint and I will keep this passion for the rest of my life."

So what do you think? Is Christina the real deal and people just want to hate on her because she's beautiful and talented? Or is she yet another social media influencer flexing for the 'gram?

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