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This Woman Made a 'Why I'm Single' Brochure to Give Family at Her Cousin's Wedding


Have you ever been at Thanksgiving and had a distant aunt grill you about your dating life? How about an uncle who demanded to know where you worked, how much you made, and what exactly you did all day in that office? It's the worst! 

And women have had enough. So they are starting to make brochures and pamphlets to hand out to family members at gatherings, with the express purpose of avoiding those awkward conversations. It's a brilliant move that manages to both solve the problem and make it known to their family members that they are a problem at the same time. 

One of the first examples of this we saw was from a comedian, Mary Beth Barone, a couple months ago. She had scheduled a date while she would be on vacation with her family, and she, understandably, didn't want to hear it from them. So she printed out a pamphlet that answered every question her family could possibly have about this little outing in an effort to not actually have a conversation with them about it.