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Source: iStock

Woman Discovers She's "Single" From Boyfriend's FB Post Looking for a Room


An Australian woman couldn't believe her eyes when she came upon a Facebook post from her boyfriend asking for a room.

Breakups are never easy, which is probably why in the world of modern dating, people have found it way simpler to completely forget about a person and pretend like they never existed instead of going through the gnarly process of ending things in person. Heck, people are even doing it with their employers!

But when it comes to matters of the heart, the temptation to go about things in a "cowardly" way is very, very real. It's easy to want to exit a situation as painlessly as possible without having to ever confront the nasty bits of your own personality or someone's anger.

There's a problem with going about breakups this way, however. The first is that it leaves the other person in a state of limbo.

They don't know what happened or why you decided to up and leave without so much as a goodbye. And if it's a romantic partner you share kids with, that only further complicates matters. Without a plan for how you'll raise your children in separate households, there are a lot of tense, emotional issues you'll have to reconcile all on your own.

But this dude didn't seem to be concerned with that at all when he made the following post.