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Source: istock

This Guy's "Ghosting" Revenge Against His Girlfriend Is a Rollercoaster of Emotions


A Redditor took to the popular "Am I the a**hole" subreddit to find out if the way he went about ghosting a cheating girlfriend was too harsh, especially because she was financially dependent on him.

Matters of the heart are tricky: you invest a ton of time and thought and energy into a person and a lot of times, the relationship just doesn't pan out for one of a number of reasons. Whatever the reason relationships end, it always sucks when it does.

But nothing feels worse than being cheated on, especially when you gave "everything" to that person. From the way this Redditor tells the story, he gave a lot and then some to his girlfriend.

The two have been an item for over seven years and have discussed the prospect of marriage and having children. He even supported her when she quit her job to pursue a career in medicine.

Things were going great, until he used her cell phone to call his to find it.