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Source: facebook

This Dad Put on His Daughter's Short Shorts to Show Just How Short They Were


A dad, trying to prove a point about the length of his daughter's shorts, decided to get a little extreme in his modeling demonstration.

The world of clothing for women, especially for young girls, is a bit of a quagmire. From inconsistent sizing between different brands to companies and clothing labels constantly pushing "girly" designs and graphics on young women, the clothing industry has its fair share of problems.

Another issue is the "sexing up" of young women's clothing that results in some not-so-age-appropriate clothing items. The over-sexualization of children's clothing is nothing new, and we're not even talking about those weird child beauty pageants, either. Major retailers have been called out for carrying mass-produced articles of clothing that are eyebrow-raising to say the least.

Things get even weirder when children are beginning to transition into adulthood. Teenagers try to "grow up" in different ways. For me, it was shirking all the "kiddy" stuff, like TV shows, books, music, and movies that my other friends were still enjoying. I thought that having more "grown-up" tastes would make me a grown up.

For others, it was "dressing" like an adult and some translated that into wearing things that are a bit more revealing.