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Source: cbs Boston

This Woman Is Designing Dresses That Hides Insulin Pumps for People with Diabetes


One 10-year-old girl's request to for a more diabetes-friendly dress inspired this clothing designer to add a whole new line of dresses to her roster.

There are over 100 million Americans who are affected with either diabetes or pre-diabetes today. Of those 100 million, a whopping 350,000 require insulin pumps to regulate their blood sugar levels so that they can live.

While great strides in insulin pump technology have been made over the years to streamline the devices so that they're not only more functional, but portable as well, it's still another device one needs to carry on their person at all times.

And when you're trying to look chic, that can be a problem. Heck, I hate how my pants look whenever I have to jam my cell phone, keys, and wallet in them, I can only imagine how uncomfortable I'd be having to figure out where to put my insulin pump if I needed one.

So imagine you're a 10-year-old girl with diabetes who needs to carry an insulin pump around. You would like to wear a cute dress without having to worry about your pump showing or annoyingly sticking out your pockets, ruining whatever aesthetic you have, and that's even if it has pockets.

Well if you're Julia Looker, you'd probably go to a local designer and ask if they could solve your dress woes, which is exactly what she did.