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Teacher Spots a Boy Riding His Bike on the Highway and Saves His Father's Life


Seven-year-old Cameron Simoncic saved his father's life by hopping on his bike and pedaling over to his grandmother's house.

It's kind of crazy to think a child so young would have the presence of mind to take such deliberate action when facing such a scary situation. My wife, for example, when freaking out over a large stick bug that somehow got into our bedroom, abandoned me and my son and shut the door on us.

Granted, it wasn't exactly a life-threatening scenario, but it's good to know where her priorities lie whenever the going gets tough.

Cameron's situation was way scarier, however. The young man came home from school one day to find his father passed out in the kitchen. Cameron's dad lives with diabetes and sadly he's endured these types of "episodes," as his son puts it, before.

"My dad has diabetes and whenever he has these episodes and whenever it happens, his brain can't function," the young man said in an interview with local news outlet, 7 News.

The first grader tried using his father's cell phone to dial 911, only he didn't know the password to the device. He ran out of the house and went to the next door neighbors, bur no one was home.