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Source: Instagram

Influencers Are Getting Sick After Swimming in a Toxic Lake for the 'Gram


Anything for the 'gram, right? That's the #influencerlife. I've seen influencers peddling clearly disgusting health food products, wearing ridiculous, impractical athleisure clothing, and generally orchestrating their entire lives to look good on Instagram. It's an epidemic! And it's getting serious because some of these influencers don't just stop at collagen peptides and summer sandals. Some of these influencers actually risk their lives.

Monte Neme in Galicia, Spain is a new hotspot for Insta influencers to take photos. The bright blue lake probably looks extra insane with the Clarendon filter, am I right? The problem is that some of these influencers are diving into the lake to capture the best photo possible, and the lake is actually a toxic waste dump. 

Source: Instagram