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Source: YouTube

Belle Delphine Banned From Instagram — Is Her Sold-Out Bath Water to Blame?


Selling your used bath water might just get you into some hot water with Instagram (pun intended.) YouTube star and social media personality Belle Delphine recently stirred up a bit of controversy when she posted a video online about how she would sell her used bath water to "thirsty gamer boy" followers for $30 a pop. 

The product sold out in three days, but Belle's Instagram mysteriously disappeared, so what happened? 

Was Belle Delphine banned from Instagram?

With nearly 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 4.5 million followers on Instagram, the19-year-old has made a mark on social media. Her videos and photos have been suggestive in nature, with instances of nudity alarming users who felt as though the content was inappropriate for a public account. 

Now, Belle's Instagram page is unavailable, leading many to wonder what exactly happened, and if the influencer has any chance of reactivating her account.