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Source: YouTube

Where Is Fortnite YouTuber Joogie? Fans Are Getting Concerned


Apparently, being good at the wildly popular game, Fortnite, can make you a legend on YouTube with over a million subscribers. Joogie is the mysterious Australian gamer whose videos simply show his moves on the video game. His videos showcase interactions between himself and other players, and they amass millions of views. He's faceless, which adds to the intrigue of how he plays. 

But now, people are worried that Joogie might have had some serious health problems.

Is Joogie in the hospital?

Because Joogie is a part of the faceless gaming community, there's not much that's known about his identity. He began his channel in 2012 and his content initially centered around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The two things we know for certain about Joogie are what his voice sounds like and the fact that he is from Australia.