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Landlord Posts Photos of Social Media Star's Disgusting Apartment to Expose 'Double Life'


According to a report by the BBC, a social media influencer in China has been exposed for living a "double life," after her landlord exposed the filthy condition of the star's apartment. Footage of the apartment of Lisa Li — a blogger with 1.1 million followers — went viral in China, and appears to show the apartment littered with trash, food, and dog faeces. 

Li, known in China as a "wang hong," or "online celebrity," boasts more than one million followers on the popular Sina Weibo blog. Her account is usually full of photos of Li on exotic vacations, eating at fancy restaurants, and other things you would expect from a social media influencer. 

While Li was seemingly living this lavish lifestyle her landlord, named by media as Ms Chen, was attempting to reach her by phone to get her to clean the apartment. After seemingly being ignored, Chen decided to take action.