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19 Lessons Parents Taught Their Kids That Crucially Backfired


There's nothing more pleasurable as a kid than getting your way without *technically* breaking any of your parents' rules. 

I had a friend whose parents came home one day to find a homeless man sitting at their kitchen table because they had taught my friend to help the needy whenever possible — and she knew there was plenty of food in the family's fridge.

I can't imagine how many of these lessons parents teach their kids with the best of intentions that later come back to bite them with embarrassment. People on reddit banded together to share lessons they tried to teach their children that completely backfired in their faces.

Scroll down for 19 lessons parents tried to teach their kids and the results that will make you simultaneously laugh and shake your head.

1. Want to potty train your kid using logic?

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"Not a parent, but my in-laws love telling this story about my fiancé.
He was resistant to potty training, and they eventually got him to start using the potty by telling him that he had to be out of pull-ups before a family trip to Disney World, because 'Mickey Mouse only sees big boys and girls.' And also who wants to log a diaper bag around Disney?
Anyway, it went great, they had a great trip... and the day after they got back, he took a [dump] in the living room. When asked, he said, 'I don't gotta use the potty cause I already saw Mickey Mouse.' They very firmly told him that if he was old enough to use logic, he was far too old for diapers, and that was the end of that."

- thatsunshinegal