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Source: 20th Century Fox

Expecting Father Thinks "Baby Proofing" House Is Getting Rid of All His Wife's Bees, She Flips Out


We've all met those couples where at least one person in the relationship is entirely clueless and has no idea how the heck to anticipate the needs of their significant other.

This particular case someone found on the popular AITA subreddit is a glaring example of, sadly, such a widespread phenomenon. And it combines two very unlikely subjects: baby proofing and bees.

Yes, those bees. The same bees that were the subject of Jerry Seinfeld's excellent Dreamworks animated flick, Bee Movie. The same bees that mercilessly attacked Nicolas Cage's face at the end of the equally excellent, but for a different reason, The Wicker Man remake. You see, this man's wife is a beekeeper and has tens of thousands of bees on their property.