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Expecting Father Thinks "Baby Proofing" House Is Getting Rid of All His Wife's Bees, She Flips Out



We've all met those couples where at least one person in the relationship is entirely clueless and has no idea how the heck to anticipate the needs of their significant other.

This particular case someone found on the popular AITA subreddit is a glaring example of, sadly, such a widespread phenomenon. And it combines two very unlikely subjects: baby proofing and bees.

Yes, those bees. The same bees that were the subject of Jerry Seinfeld's excellent Dreamworks animated flick, Bee Movie. The same bees that mercilessly attacked Nicolas Cage's face at the end of the equally excellent, but for a different reason, The Wicker Man remake. You see, this man's wife is a beekeeper and has tens of thousands of bees on their property. 

The thing is, this lovely married couple were expecting a child, and this particular man wanted to take a more active part in her pregnancy.

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Which is a sentiment I completely get. As a man, you feel kind of useless when your wife or girlfriend is gestating a fetus in their belly and you know that there really isn't anything you can do to sympathize with what they're going through. Nor will you really be able to help them get through the delivery process, aside from emotional support and all. But it's not like you're going to bear the brunt of the push, now are you?

When your friend is moving a couch, you can hop on the other side and twist it to get through the doorway and down the stairs. You can't exactly do that with a baby.

So our hapless friend wanted to try and baby-proof the house while his wife was away. He thought that the first thing he should do is get rid of the tens of thousands of bees she's cared for to a friend who was looking to break into the bee industry. Yeah, I know. It's very weird.

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When his wife came back from her week-long business trip, he hit her up with the whole, "TA-DA! I got rid of the bees for you!" And she understandably freaked out, because it meant a lot to her and all. I guess I'd feel the same way if someone basically tossed a bunch of living things I cared for into someone else's care. She immediately packed her bags, left the house, and went in search of her black and yellow pals.

Here's where the dude just keeps digging the hole deeper for himself. Because she wouldn't return any of his calls, he decided to go to the burgeoning beekeeper's house he gave the bees to — in order to try and stop his wife, her brother, and a police officer from taking the bees back. His reasoning was simply maddening.

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He thought that because they were married, the bees were his property too and it was completely fine for him to give those bees away. Plus he was acting in the best interest of her and the child! Who wants to have that kind of hazard buzzing around their home, the ever-looming threat of a gruesome, stingy death flying above their heads?

After getting her bees back, she still refuses to take the guy's calls. Exasperated, he turned to the internet to tell his side of the story. But sadly, it doesn't seem like anyone is going to bat for our sad bee-hater. Everyone pretty much thinks that he's in the wrong.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Sure, I think that beekeeping is a stupid hobby. But getting rid of the winged threat while his wife was away on a business trip was probably a bad move. What do you think?

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