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Source: istock photo

Guy Obsessed With His Sandwich Recipe Won't Stop Harassing Delis to Feature It


It's not every day a deleted post from Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" is screenshot and reposted to Twitter, where it goes completely viral because it's just that crazy. Luckily, today is that day. The post, which was originally here but was posted on Twitter, is about a guy who believes he has a really good sandwich recipe on his hands and can't understand why none of the restaurants in town want to pay him for it.

I'm serious. This is a dude who has no idea how restaurants or recipe development or basic human interaction work, clearly. He explains every single part of his thought process... except for what the sandwich recipe actually is. This AITA post is basically a hilarious form of torture — because we need that sandwich recipe. But first: here's Sandwich Guy.