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Source: iStock Photo

New Mom Gives Baby the Same Name Her SIL Gave Her Dead Son Months Earlier


Dealing with the death of a child is unthinkably difficult. Sometimes, family members aren't quite as understanding as they should be. This post from Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" is from a woman who wasn't about to let her baby name plans get derailed by her sister-in-law, even though her sister-in-law had just suffered two stillbirths. 

The woman explains that she and her sister-in-law found out they were pregnant at the same time. The SIL was due 10 days before her and was having twins. OP didn't plan to talk about baby names until her baby was born because she knew their family members would have a lot to say about it. So she and her sister-in-law didn't confer about baby names at all.