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Source: Twite

People Can't Stop Laughing at the Way This Mom Would Spell Their Baby Names


Coming up with a baby name is a difficult process, and it doesn't help when people overcomplicate matters by taking egregious liberties when it comes to spelling said baby names.

Now I get why someone would want to do something unique for their kid: they want them to stand out amongst all the "regular named" folks. On the other hand, they don't want to give them a name that sounds too out of the ordinary, either.

So they go the "weirdly spelled" name route. David becomes "Daaved", or Patricia turns into "Paetrisha". I totally know where these parents are coming from, it's way easier to just throw in some extra consonants and vowels into a kid's name to help them appear to be different from the rest of the pack, than you know, raising them to actually have great personalities and strong work ethics to get themselves to stand out based on their actions.